Guidelines for LUMS Facebook Pages


All LUMS stakeholders who are maintaining their own social media pages need to maintain a level of uniformity on all university related platforms.

These guidelines provide a way to ensure a consistent communications strategy is followed.


Page Name

  • Try to use LUMS when naming your account/page.
  • If possible, avoid acronyms.
  • If your department name is too long to use in its full form, abbreviate as necessary but be sure to use the full name and LUMS in your description.


Use of the LUMS Logo

  • Please have the LUMS logo placed in your cover picture, in the top left corner, to show your page is an official university page.
  • Please follow the logo guidelines for use of the LUMS logo.
  • The LUMS logo can be found in the following shared folder: X:\Marketing\LOGOS\LUMS logo



Page Posting Guidelines


  • Keep in mind that you are representing the university and choose high quality images/videos for any posts.
  • Share some of the more casual/fun things about LUMS on Facebook. Since this is an informal platform, it is perfect for more relaxed interactions with the university.
  • Respond to questions and comments to build relationships and credibility.
  • Regularly update your page. This is necessary to engage with audiences. If posting is done sparsely, your page will lose audience interest. You can have multiple admins for an account and schedule posts ahead of time as well to ensure that regular updates are made to the page.
  • Delete spam as and when it comes up. Facebook pages attract a lot of spam in the comments. Someone should pay attention to all of the social networking accounts you use and delete spam as and when required. On the LUMS Facebook page, we delete anything that does not relate to the university and keep anything that does.
  • Content needs to be engaging. Interactions should be friendly and less formal. However, use of online abbreviations (e.g., LOL, ROFL, OMG etc) is not appropriate if you are communicating on behalf of the university.
  • Know what your audience is looking for. Your particular department or unit page has an audience for a specific reason. For example the LUMS Library page may have those interested in using the library for research or using the library facilities. Therefore, your posts should address your specific audience more directly.
  • Conversations do not need to be moderated unless things fall into hate speech or other insulting tones.
  • Do post some page rules so the audience knows how to behave/post appropriately. The ones posted on the LUMS Facebook page are given in Appendix I.
  • Do not respond to people who are rude/inappropriate, as this will only further inflame the situation.
  • Do not overwhelm your audience with posts as this will result in them blocking you from their newsfeed. Limit your Facebook posts to 2-3 per day, that too at different times during the day (not altogether in one go).
  • It is important to discuss any PR incidents that may occur or may potentially occur with others (HoDs, Deans, VC, Communications team from the Office of Marketing and Communications, Fundraising & Alumni etc) before responding to ensure that the official university statement is followed.





LUMS - House Rules

Thank you for joining the official LUMS Facebook Page. This page is for everyone with an interest in LUMS and we welcome you to become a part of our online community. We believe in making our community an open platform for constructive debate where our community members can spark healthy, educational conversations and update us with their feedback. 

LUMS is committed to addressing your concerns in real time with close checks on regular page moderation. To ensure effective community building, here are our 5 simple House Rules that we’d like our valued community members to keep in mind:

  1. Original Content: As a vigilant web user, respect intellectual property rights. Share video content, links, photographs, and text only if you have rights to that content. If you don’t have rights/permission to that content, please don't post it. Each individual is responsible for the content they post on the LUMS Facebook Page. 
  2. Keep Your Integrity: Please don’t post any obscene, indecent or misleading content. Avoid spam to play your part in building a healthy community.
  3. Respect Everyone’s Privacy: Please let others have their personal space. Don’t share private information about other people that may invade their privacy.
  4. Be Specific: Please refrain from spam, commercial, advertising or promotional posts that may deviate others from the topic in focus.
  5. Stay Transparent/Neutral: Please avoid any aggressive, offensive or threatening posts. Ensure a positive tone and manner while making any post. As an open-minded individual, avoid posting any information that may cause religious, racial, social or political offense. 


Please read through these rules carefully and also respect the prevailing Facebook terms and conditions.



Lastly, we’d like our community members to note that the content posted by fans on our page does not necessarily reflect our company’s stance or opinion. LUMS is not responsible for anything contained within the posts/comments/links that may refer users to third-party content or websites. To ensure smooth, clean and positive conversations, we may remove posts which don’t comply with our House Rules. Users making non-allowed posts may be banned from participating in this community. LUMS has the right to make amendments to the present House Rules at any time without prior notice. 

Let’s work together to build a healthy community!